Tapestry depicting ''DAEDALUS'' coat of arms offered to Pope Bergoglio during the visit to Caserta.

July 26, 2014.


Andrea Bocelli wearing an iconic, custom jacket made from San Leucio fabric during Che Tempo Che Fa.

Belvedere di San Leucio


The origins of the Leuciano silk factory date back to around 1778, when the Real Colonia di San Leucio was established. They were recognized throughout Europe for their luxurious silk production.

The Royal Colony of San Leucio was developed thanks to King Ferdinand IV of Bourbon. Since 1789, the production of unique and very precious fabrics have become famous all over the world. 

Today, Via Lamia offers handmade, custom products from luxurious silk through tradition and craftsman. All items are handmade in Italy and shipped to our boutique in New York. Each piece is considered unique and made to order. Due to this, they may vary slightly from the photos. Personalization and choice of fabric is available upon request. 

The silk of San Leucio decorates the Royal Palace of Caserta, rooms of the Vatican, the White House and the Buckingham Palace.